Built-in Ironing Boards
for Wardrobes,
& Walls


Built-in Ironing Boards
for Wardrobes,
& Walls
Made With Love!
DoskaTreska is designed for people
to have a neat and comfortable home,
and ironing was quick and convenient.
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How To Install DoskaTreska
Pass the Wardrobe Section Requirements to your wardrobe/closet designer or check it yourself [it's simple and fast]
Order the DoskaTreska - an ironing board for building it in the wardrobe/closet
Install the DoskaTreska in the wardrobe/closet section while or after assembling your wardrobe/closet
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Requirements & Manuals
A Few Pictures
We conducted dozens of interviews with ironing boards users, learned their problems and habits, designed five fundamentally different versions of built-in folding ironing boards, chose the best one and brought it to perfection.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Rating: 4,9 / 5
33 reviews

We Have Created A Great Built-In Ironing Board!

Unsurpassed Quality
Designed by aerospace industry engineers, precisely manufactured using advanced production technologies.
High Reliability
Made of thick-walled metal, strength analysis was completed in SolidWorks, operational tests were carried out.
Exceptional Convenience
It is thought through - from the installation issues and smooth folding to the ease of fixing in the working position and folding it back in the wardrobe or closet.
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